Jonah Hill Weight Loss

The super bad actor has gone super-slim for its newest series role. 

Yes, we are speaking of Jonah Hill (America’s Sweetheart) who started his acting career as a standup comedian.

His first career debut was in the movie Super Bad where he played a lead actor role. The film went blockbuster and it gave the actor sudden leverage. After which Jonah has been working with so many admirable Hollywood celebrities where he is cast in so many special but side roles.

Recently, Jonah Hill was seen outside where he is almost unrecognizable to all of his fans.

Jonah’s Latest Weight Loss Transformation

Jonah reportedly lost an enormous amount of weight for his new upcoming series “Maniac” where he is playing a role of a schizophrenic NY businessman. However, it is still unsure that whether the talented actor dropped his weight for the TV role or was he just trying to do it anyway?

But how did he do it? You might have seen him