Are you in Arizona and want to feel inspired, encouraged, empowered, or uplifted? Just visit a church in Phoenix! Whatever your denomination, there’s a church waiting to welcome you! Even if you do not consider yourself “religious,” visiting a church can be a transforming and magical experience. Simply hearing the name of a church can trigger states of serenity and joy! Consider the names of these Phoenix churches: Living Streams Church, Victory Community Church, Paradise Church, Open Door Fellowship Church, and The Shelter Church. Some of the names can quickly create visual images: Desert View Church, Mountain View Christian Church. Just seeing the architecture of these amazing structures can take your breath away! Soaring spires, multicolored windows, shiny marble floors, gleaming varnished wood – all which seem to smile at you. Churches in Phoenix are places of happiness! Participating in a service can comfort, strengthen, and rejuvenate you. It can be like a refreshing walk in a beautiful park! It can spur you on toward good habits and glad thoughts. Attendance can ease you into a state of calmness. A place where your mind can say “Ah!” Visiting a church can change your life! Do you like to dance as a form of praise? Do you enjoy music created by electronic guitars, keyboards, and drums? Then a non-denominational church may be just the place for you! Non Denominational churches Phoenix are unique.image-97967-full They welcome all beliefs. Their practices involve a blend of Christian ideologies. They are home to people who favor non-traditional forms of worship. Spirit filled Phoenix churches¬†are venues where the power and presence of the Holy Spirit are dramatically evident. Do you enjoy inspired speaking, heartfelt singing, expressive thanksgiving, and selfless acts of service? Then you’ll delight in a spirit filled church! Scottsdale is a close suburb of Phoenix, located 12 miles away. Scottsdale churches include the following denominations: Baptist, Catholic, Church of the Nazarene, Disciples of Christ, Episcopal, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, and United Methodist. Scottsdale is also home to non-denominational churches. So if you’re in Scottsdale, you won’t be at a loss for where to worship. In fact, here is a link that will take you to an informative site on Christian Churches in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Click here: This website includes reviews of the listed churches. These first-hand accounts detail personal experiences, and are fascinating to read! Imagine this: You’re standing outside the entrance to your chosen church. The beauty of the church is captivating! The tremendous structure consists of dazzling white stonework. Two towers flanking a central section reach for the sky. Lofty palm trees in front of the building dance and sway. The vibrant green of the rolling lawn around the church is striking. You walk up the steps and enter the vestibule. A rich scent of wood envelops you. You open the door to the nave, where the pews are located. Sunlight streams through the stained-glass window behind the altar. It creates a pathway of green, blue, and purple on the carpet. You sit down in a pew, and feel your body relax. Soft organ music is soothing and sweet. You rest there serenely, awaiting the start of the service. It feels so perfect, right, and wonderful…. A church in Phoenix or Scottsdale can be your “home away from home.” Friends you make at church can become like family. Attending a church can enrich your life in extraordinary ways. Come and see!